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10 Boxes Pai You Guo Capsules
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Pai You Guo Slim,ORIGINAL Pai You Guo Slimming Diet Capsule $5-Authorized Distributor GoodSlimming store

10 Boxes(10*30 capsules)

Pai You Guo

Slim Capsule,

Pai You Guo Capsule is a well known weight loss product in the US and Europe. Citrus is one of the strongest antioxidant found in nature. Antioxidants repair free radical damage which causes premature aging that robs the body of its youthful appearance. Koncing Nut is a fat burner.

Pai You Guo Slim

(Authentic) have amazing natural ingredients that help support the healing of the body, lose weight and stay slim.

Pai You Guo Capsule

also helps to nourish the skin!! Pai You Guo Slim Capsule is also believed to be an Appetite Suppressant as well as an Energy Booster.

• 85% Dietary Fat Loss Eliminator
• Fat reduction
• Help lower calorie intake
• helps prevents the conversion of carbohydrates and sugars into fat, hence reduce the fat deposit in the body;
• Fat burning
• Helps speed up the metabolism, increase fat burning rate for burning off excessive fats
• Contains various natural and herbal essences with no preservatives

Pai You Guo Diet Pills

helps breaks down accumulated fat in the body and increase the body's ability to burn fat. Extract of Citric Acid, pineapple, papaya, apple and kiwi is said to inhibit the body's ability to produce fat.Pai You Guo Slim Capsule is also believed to be an appetite suppressant as well as an energy booster.

Main ingredients
konjaku flour, oligosaccharide, malt, chitin, dietary fiber, Tuckahoe, apple attraction, vitamin C (orange, & papaya), vitamin E, vitamin B2

[Applications]: Simplicity fatness, Youthhood fatness, Post partum fatness, especially suitable for people who have "general big abdomen” and "elephant leg"
[Specification]: 400mg×30 grains
[Usage]: 1time/day, 1capsule/time, take in the morning with boiled water
[Color]: Powder is while or flaxen with sweet and bitter flavor
[Storage]:Store in cool (room temperature), dry and dark condition
[Approval Code]: WJSJZ(1998)No.0127
[Production Standard]: QB1999-2
[Manufacturer]: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biological Technology, Co, Ltd.

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 by yereni valle

I appreciate your service and delivery speed! the effect of product is not very obvious at first as I haven't taken it according to the instructions, now I adjust the way,and its effect is much better than before, if you have same experince as me,my friend,try to take the suitable way, good luck

 by edna mathieu

thanks god, let me find this product, this is one of the best products i've tried in years, ive used others and they were good and all but this is by far the best. really like it!

 by tea cook

this capsule worked for me, 1st i tried the 'tea' but it taste the pill is a better option. i have leaned out nicely and lost several pounds. like this pill

 by Jose Lazo

I've been trying to lose weight forever with no luck. This has helped curb my appetite and gives me energey. While taking these, I lost 9 lbs in a months with exercise and a semi strict diet (the diet wasn't that difficult becuase I didn't have cravings due to the pills). I think it is worth buying. I will be getting back on them next month for another 10 lbs.

 by tresa bates

I've taking this slim capsule for only 16 days and I'm already loss 8 lbs. I can say most if it is water weght but the result is still gtreat. 3 of my colleagues are taking this pills too and they all love it. We all ecperienced dry mouth in the first few days and one of the girl almost loss all her appetite but I eat as normal.I'm happy so far and I will continue to use this product.

 by gerri spires

the first few weeks, and you will want to do laps around your office. I normally run after I take the second for the day, and the weight I have lost since starting is definitely a nice perk too, really give you energy and reduces hunger.

 by Taurina Ornelas

this product did help me burn fat. I have experienced any sweating like some people said they did,and it did suppress my appetite a good bit.


I lost more weight with PAI YOU GUO than i have ever lost on any other pill or program. this product just makes it so easy to stop eating, it doesn't even feel like a "diet." I am very pleased to report that I have lost an astonishing 47 pounds. This is wonderful, and I thank you


I thought this product did a very good job of helping me burn fat. It actually worked a bit faster than expected so I'm going to save the other half of the box and take the rest of it in about another month. I didn't experience any sweating like some people said they did, but it did suppress my appetite a good bit.

 by Monica Alaniz

PAI YOU GUO gives me a lot of energy,i sweat a lot,feel full,in a word ,it makes me feel good.

 by Velma Guerrero

Great product! It does really work, I've lost 15 lbs and kept it off without starving or doing without the foods I do like. Would highly recommend it.

 by Becky Bridwell

I have been using this pill for about 7 weeks now. I am 28 years old. It definitely increases my body temperature, makes me full of energy. I love the way that this pill makes me feel.

 by joella cantu

I don't feel the thermogenic effect, however I feel as though I am losing weight due to the decrease in food and increase in exercise/energy.

 by Anna Houston

Just received the pills would like to know how many to take I thought it was one in the morning. I am a water drinker so that will be fine. I have read all good reviews and I have seen results with my co workers. Just want to make sure I am taking the correct dosage.

 by Maria Fraga

you must drink water all day. If you don't you may get light headed and get an upset stomach. Also, this capsules decrease your appetite but you must eat It's a great product but you must use it correctly.

 by veronica estrada

This product is amazing, its helped me to lose 27 pounds in a month and a half. The key is being active and drinking lots of water also a healthy diet, but even when I don't work out I still maintain the lost weight. I really like this product, its amazing.

 by Norman Edsall

I received my pills aBout two weeks ago and I've been taking them. I've lost 7 pounds so far. I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to lose weight and is having a difficult time doing so. This will give you the jump start that you need.

 by Ray Acevedo

I started taking one pill in the morning and immediately I noticed I had a lot more energy throughout the day and a decrease in appetite. I took them as recommended for 2 months and then went off of them like is suggested, and in those 2 months combined with diet and exercise I have lost 20 pounds especially around my stomach area which is my trouble area. The only side effect I noticed was that I would get really hot almost feverish feeling about an hour after taking them but it wasn't unbearable and only lasted about an hour. Plus I figured that was normal since it is a thermogenic and it's purpose is to raise your core temperature. I definitely plan on going back on them after the one month "rest period."

 by Tonya Ayers

I was skeptical about this working since most pills dont really work well. And this works better than the high priced phentermine products that you can get at most weight loss clinics! It gives me the engergy I need with out feeling jittery and I can actually sleep well at night! It totally controls my appetite, only big thing was to make sure I had plenty of water to drink because you feel thirsty for water all day long. I highly recommend this product for anyone that is really serious about loosing weight. This boosted my weight loss thru the roof! I had already been dieting and excersising and this just helped me loose 15 pounds in one month! I love it!

 by Patricia Hernandez

OK. I know it is too early to write a review, but I felt I had to. I just got this pill today and started taking it today. I got a headache but it went away after 2 hours. My appetite is gone and I feel very full. So far so good.

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